Our Services & Solutions

Our Services & Solutions

Education, Research, & Consulting

Problem-solving is not just something we do at Plaid – it’s our passion. 


Call us a little crazy, but we love it when our partners come to us with a difficult challenge.  They know that when resources are limited, time is short, or systems are in conflict, they can call on Plaid to think outside of the box to find a solution to meet their needs.


We pride ourselves on creative ideas focused on building stimulating and thought-provoking learning experiences.  Whether we’re designing an in-person training event, an online module to be hosted on our LMS, or a multifaceted personal/professional development program, Plaid takes proven learning strategies and finds creative methods of implementation to best meet the learning styles of the target audience.


We thrive on research and designing data strategies so that our partners can make calculated decisions based on insights relevant to their products and services.  Have a burning question about your company, products, or customers?  Plaid specializes in designing a mix methods approach to uncovering answers to your biggest quandaries.


If it involves developing your human capital – we can help.  Our consulting services range from strategic planning, to culture change initiatives, to hiring and selection, and everything in between.  We help people be their best selves through education experiences, data-driven decisions, incorporating cutting-edge technology, and dedicating our efforts to serving your needs.


Education & Instructional Design

Building educational programs to meet your learning objectives.

  • Curriculum review
  • Curriculum writing and program design
  • Learning objectives
  • Online course creation
  • In-person education events
  • Program facilitation
  • Howspace implementation
Research & Data Strategy

Implementing research studies and analyzing data to support your strategic decisions.

  • Program efficacy
  • Assessment and data analytics
  • Survey creation and information gathering
  • Report of findings
Organizational Consulting

Leveraging organizational expertise to support the development of your human capital.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Hiring and Selection
  • Team Building

Plaid Learning Management System

Our industry-leading learning management system (LMS), PlaidLMS, is here to help you seamlessly manage your organization’s learning experiences. Designed with learners and educators in mind, PlaidLMS provides an end-to-end learning environment that supports content hosting, progress tracking, and systems integration. Want to provide a customized experience for your learners featuring your brand imagery? PlaidLMS can do that too. 

PlaidLMS is also integrated with a number of customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, including OmegaFi and ChapterSpot. If assessment and research are a part of your learning goals, PlaidLMS is integrated with Qualtrics to assist with data collection.

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