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Higher Education

Since their founding, colleges and universities are existed to help students learn and grow. Much like our mission of being better, higher education aims to help the world learn, evolve, and advance. 


Plaid’s origins lie with higher education and one of our main focuses is to serve institutions of higher education by supporting their efforts in education and knowledge creation. We recognize that each institution has its unique characteristics, values, and culture that shape the campus experience. A defining aspect of our work in higher education is our team of professionals, who work to build collaborative relationships with our campus partners so we are able to develop strategies and initiatives that align with the nature, values, and priorities of each college or university.


  • Student safety education

  • Curriculum development and instructional design

  • Assessment, evaluation, and research

  • Leadership development and personal awareness training

  • Team and staff development

  • Student and campus life consulting 


Colleges and universities aspire to achieve noble missions to serve students on campus as well as their local communities. What we love about working with institutions of higher education is that we share similar missions. We help colleges and universities define a path of being better to elevate how they help members of their campus community thrive.

How We Help Higher Education

Whether delivering engaging content to students or facilitating developmental experiences for administration and staff, we work to help higher education create informed strategies to achieve goals.
Case Study

Kenyon College

During the Pandemic, senior leadership at Kenyon College turned to Plaid to support their staff during a time of immense change.  Kenyon team members were in a constant state of problem-solving as they adapted to changing regulations associated with keeping students healthy on campus.  Recognizing the strain being placed on team members, Kenyon dedicated time and resources to supporting their staff’s mental health and team cohesion by offering a series of professional development programs.

Supporting your educational goals

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