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In the Beginning....

The concept that would eventually become Plaid was first discussed on a porch at Illinois Institute of Technology after an all-day session with students.  The idea percolated until December 4, 2011 when, our founder, Wilson Wong asked a few people to join him for a discussion at his house just North of Atlanta.  On that day we discussed whether we could successfully start a company that creates stimulating and thought-provoking learning experiences aimed at changing an organization’s culture. In the simplest way, Plaid was born out of the desire to help people and their organizations be better.  For more than 10 years, Plaid has done exactly that.  While our products and services have evolved over the years, we have remained true to our vision to help people and organizations be better. 

Doug Opicka and Chris Woods

Managing Partners

Our Values

Core values guide an organization to achieve great things.

For Plaid, our pursuit of being better is led by our core values.

We are innovative and creative problem solvers.
We welcome the challenge of being the first to do something and relish the opportunity to prove what others cannot. It’s in our nature to question if there is a better way to accomplish something. Innovative and creative solutions wouldn’t be possible without a commitment to collaboration, brainstorming, and creating a safe environment to encourage the open exchange of ideas.
We are proactive and take initiative.
We don’t sit idle waiting for someone else. If we see something that needs to be done, we step up and get it done. We own our issues and have a responsibility to fix them. And, we’re doing our best to think ahead and anticipate the needs of our clients, partners, and users.
We are detail-oriented.
We test, re-test, proofread, double-check, cross every “T” and dot every “I.” Even with the most conscious efforts, we recognize we’re human and that errors will exist, but we work to remedy and refine for the highest quality deliverable.
We are focused on high-quality, relational customer service.
We define our success by the experience our clients, partners, and users have engaging with our team and our services. We aim to redefine and set a new standard for customer service. Building and fostering relationships with our clients, partners, and users is our top priority and at the top of our To-Do list daily.
We are committed to the privacy of our clients and their members.
Our clients, partners, and users should rest assured that their privacy and information is safe with us. Our commitment to privacy and information protection permeates all interactions and services we provide, whether online, in person, or somewhere in between.
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Being. Better.

Being. Plaid.

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