Helping communities, companies, campuses, and organizations be better.
Employing cutting-edge technology for organizational growth and efficiency.
Providing innovative solutions to elevate individuals and their organizations.
Finding the information to answer big questions.

Being Better.
Being Plaid.

Plaid is an organizational training and development firm dedicated to creating stimulating and thought-provoking learning experiences.

Hey there, we’re Plaid.

What we aim to do is simple: Be Better.

We help communities, companies, campuses, and organizations become better in-and-of themselves. We assist individuals and organizations with awareness and their commitment to growth and development, while helping organizations stay true to themselves and achieve the highest possible performance. Since our founding in 2011, we’ve worked to live out our mission of being better by continually improving how we work so we can most effectively support and help others.

What We Do?

Being better looks different for every person and every organization. We work to provide innovative solutions that fit the interests, needs, and goals of every individual and organization we work with. We help others be better by providing consulting in the following areas:

  • Education Solutions and Support
  • Research and Data Strategy
  • Learning Management System
  • Organizational Development

What does it mean to “Be Plaid”?

Being Plaid comes from the idea that our personalities are made up of unique patterns that showcase our interests and motivational needs, while also demonstrating our behavioral strengths and challenges. We believe that authenticity in one’s actions strengthens the relationships that exist between others and with the organizations that they engage. Recognizing those patterns within ourselves and appreciating the patterns within others, allows us to effectively collaborate to achieve personal and organizational success.

It’s a fancy way of saying that we support the beauty and complexity that our personality patterns bring to the world. Being Plaid means embracing your uniqueness and allowing your best self to weave into the fabric of your relationships.

Being Better.
Being Plaid.

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