Being Plaid


Companies are constantly evolving to keep up with the demands and interests of clients and users.  From streamlining operations, conducting customer outreach, creating a positive working environment, and seeking to hire and retain top talent, corporations are striving to “be better” each day.  Plaid excels in helping corporate entities and leaders find their version of “being better” so they can effectively lead teams and serve their clients. Through developmental experiences, like team training, or assisting in the hiring and selection process, Plaid assists corporate entities to thrive in fast-paced industries. 

How We Help Companies

Reaching new heights of success takes focus and determination. We work with companies to elevate performance to work better together and successfully achieve their goals. 
Case Study

Miranda Construction

Does personal awareness development really work in improving teams? An initial study on the PlaidSport model found observable positive changes in a Division I Football team and coaching staff in terms of increasing personal awareness and awareness of others. In the study, one student-athlete shared the following “I could feel a change in how the coach approached me as a player…and how he approached other players in a different way than he previously did.”


Supporting your corporate culture

Interested in learning more about how Plaid can help you build and sustain a positive corporate culture?

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