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Education & Instructional Design

We believe learning is critical in the process and pursuit of being better. Whether that involves gaining new knowledge or developing new skills, each opportunity to learn is an opportunity to grow.  Designing stimulating and thought-provoking learning experiences can take place in the classroom, workplace, in clubs or organizations, or from the comfort of our homes. 

Helping others learn has always been central to our mission and is a core function of what we do. Our team of learning experts relies on decades of experience in education and development to guide individuals and organizations towards their goals. 

Learning can take shape in many forms and settings. Here’s a bit about how we help others be better through education and instructional design:

Signature Online Programs

Plaid is proud to own and operate five signature educational programs. These online learning experiences were designed with the learner in mind and developed by content area experts and industry-leading instructional designers. Each of our signature programs is designed with the end-user in mind to meet the needs and interests of the learner audience.

Tighghtrope & Highwire

Tightrope is an online student health and safety program designed to help college students develop the knowledge and skills they need to make empowered decisions to have a meaningful and safe campus experience. Tightrope involves five course modules that cover topics such as alcohol and other drugs, hazing, healthy relationships, mental health, and how to be a safe student.

Chapter Advisor Training

The Chapter Advisor Training program is an online program to assist advisors in supporting fraternity and sorority chapters. This program provides engaging content related to the role of an advisor, college students today, and harm reduction.


Fraternal organizations and their foundations can only operate to their fullest potential if there is effective and aligned leadership being practiced at the board level. AboveBoard is an online board development program designed to help board members practice effective strategic leadership. This program includes courses on governance, strategic planning, and improving board performance.

 AboveBoard has two versions: one for professionals, the original Aboveboard, and one for undergraduates, AboveBoard: Student Leader.

Cultural Competency Program

Inclusive Practices Is an online program designed to help college students develop the knowledge and skills they need to create a welcoming environment and promote belongingness while on campus. This program includes courses on understanding identity, historical context, and inclusive practices.

How We can Help with Education & Instructional Design

Designed with SCORM technology, our signature programs can be deployed to learners through our learning management system (PlaidLMS) or yours.
Case Study

Chi Phi Leap Program at the University of Florida

Finding themselves in need of a cultural rehabilitation program, the Theta Delta chapter of Chi Phi fraternity turned to Plaid’s Leadership, Elevation, and Authenticity Program (LEAP) to guide members in their growth and development.  Throughout the course of three weekend educational sessions, members engaged in an intense and immersive experience that deepened their self-awareness and provided them with the tools to create new cultural expectations for the chapter.  Successful completion of the program allowed the chapter to regain their housing facility and double their membership size within six months.

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