Being Plaid


What does our team have in common with the highest performing athletes in the world? We’re both laser-focused on being better. 


We know athletic performance is so much more than what happens on the field or during competition. It’s a mindset and a commitment to growth and elevating your game. Our services are designed to help athletes, coaches, trainers, and advisors be better in what they do so they can perform better during competition. 

Winning teams don’t happen by accident. Let Plaid support your path to victory.  


While our team can’t help improve your jump shot, backstroke, or mile time, we offer a variety of services to athletic organizations to help improve your game in other ways.

What is PlaidSport?

PlaidSport takes a new approach to team-sport leadership. Through individual and group assessment, athletes and coaches alike can learn more about how to be a cohesive team, cut out obsticals to success, and improve performance. Customized to the size, strengths, and needs of your team, Plaid consultants work with groups of any sport, age, or experience.
Case Study

Research on Player Development

Does personal awareness development really work in improving team performance? An initial study on the PlaidSport model found observable positive changes in a Division I Football team and coaching staff in terms of increasing personal awareness and awareness of others. In the study, one student-athlete shared the following “I could feel a change in how the coach approached me as a player…and how he approached other players in a different way than he previously did.”


Supporting your institutional goals

Interested in learning more about how Plaid supports althetic departments?

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