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Research & Data Solutions

In today’s world, making decisions guided by data has never been more important. Data-informed decisions allow leaders to make more thoughtful choices, which can ultimately lead to more productivity and better organizational results. There is often no such thing as a perfect choice or option in a tough or strategic decision, but data-informed decisions can help organizations and leaders make the best possible selection. 

Not having access to the right data or a way to draw meaning from findings makes data-informed decisions feel like an uphill battle. It doesn’t have to be. Plaid provides research and data solutions that can be tailored to the interests and needs of each organization and industry. Our research and data solutions are designed to help you make meaning of your organization’s data to make thoughtful decisions for the future.


Our data solutions can take many shapes, but here are some ways we can support your organization:
Each organization has a unique set of goals and big questions worth answering. Plaid's research and data solutions can help you confidently answer the big questions that help you go after your goals.
Case Study

North American Interfraternity Conference (NIC)

The North American Interfraternity Conference (NIC) set out to better understand its target audience of undergraduate men in college. WIth a desire to assist its members in better attracting and engaging its target audience, the NIC partnered with Plaid to conduct a multi-campus qualitative study to utilize focus groups to engage non-ember undergraduate men to learn more about decision-making, motivation, and perspectives on the fraternal experience. As a result, the NIC has greater account and awareness of the lived experiences of undergraduate men and insight on how to better engage their target audience.

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