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We’re the Plaid team. We’re a group of organizational development professionals who work to help others in their journey of being better. We are results-focused, detail-oriented, and align ourselves with a strong performance culture. We strive to deliver innovative solutions, but that is only possible by focusing on what matters most: strong relationships and collaboration. 


We not only encourage our partners and clients to “Be Plaid”, we live it. We strive to recognize the unique interests, skills, perspectives, and values each person brings to an organization, ours included. Get to know the team that makes being better a possibility.

Doug Opicka Headshot

Doug Opicka

Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Chris Woods

Managing Partner
Brieanna Criscione Headshot

Brieanna Criscione

Senior Consultant
Plaid 2023-9

Tyler Meyer

Management Associate
Plaid 2023-19

Meghan Grace

Senior Consultant

Shawnna Eberhard-Smith

Instructional Design Consultant

Fran Murello

Consultant - Instructional Design

Stacey Forsythe


Anthony Vukusich


Sheree L. Gibson


Darryl Holloman


Adam Lindberg



We’re big fans of being better through career development. Plaid is proud to provide remote internship opportunities for students who want to learn more about organizational development and training.

If you are interested in interning with Plaid, please email Meghan Grace with your resume and a cover letter.

Join our Team

Do you have a passion for helping others be better?  You might be a good fit for the Plaid team. 

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